A delegation from School of Business, Taiwan National Chiao Tung University, paid a visit to the school

Post Time:2016-04-08

April5, 2016, a delegation from Taiwan National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) paid avisit to the school. The distinguished guests include Prof. Chen Anbin, ViceDean of School of Management Prof. Yu Mingde, chair professor of School ofManagement and chairman of board of directors of Taiwan Association ofFinancial Engineers, Prof. Ren Lianwei from School of Transportation andLogistics, and Associate Prof. Wang Shufen from School of ConsultativeManagement and Finance. Prof. Huang Dengshi, SEM Dean andProf. Zhu Hongquan, Vice Dean, attended the meeting and both sides explored thepossibility of further development and stronger/closer relation.

Onthe meeting, Prof. Huang looked back at the time when Prof. Chen worked at SEMand when SEM delegation went to Taiwan for academic visits. Then, Prof. Huanggave a detailed introduction to new updates of SEM and looked forward to sharingresources and establishing stronger/closer relation with NCTU in student andfaculty exchange, graduate education, academic cooperation, etc., thusachieving mutual development and prosperity. Prof. Chen Anbin from NCTUexpressed that he felt at home in this return to SWJTU, and showedcongratulations to SWJTU 120th Anniversary that would bond “Jiaoda”closer. He then shared how SEM exchange students studied and lived in Taiwanand thought highly of them. Finally he sincerely hoped that the student andfaculty exchange would result in cultural and spiritual communication thusfurthering to bring people on both sides in closer bond and recoginition.

After the meeting,the delegation visited the Intelligent Transportation Management andInformation

 System Lab and Human Factor Engineering Lab.

TaiwanNational Chiao Tung University, formerly Nanyang Public School founded in 1896,has originated the same as other Jiaotong universities in mainland China. NationalChiao Tung University (NCTU) established the Master's Class of ManagementScience Research Institute as the start of College of Management in 1970, setup the Management Science Department in 1971, and began recruiting students tolay a foundation for the development of NCTU College of Management. The Collegeof Management has experienced nearly 45 years of integration and growth, anddeveloped into one research-based college of management.