Interim Assessment of Doctoral Dissertation Process

Post Time:2017-03-08

        博士留学生论文中期流程Interim Assessment of Doctoral Dissertation

1、  学生本人与导师、指导小组老师商定中期报告时间和秘书,提前约一周到研究生教育中心0618备案,教务老师在学院官网发布中期公告。

After the discussion with your supervisor about interim assessmentof doctoral dissertation and report time. Download the attachment and finishfilling it, get the agreement and signature of the three professors in the guidanceteam. Invite one Chinese doctoral student in the same major to be the report secretaryif possible. Bring the ‘Interim Assessment of Doctoral Dissertation’and three copies of ‘Experts’ Opinion on Interim Report’ to graduate educationcenter 0618 to finish registration one week before the report. The teacher willput one notice on the website about the Interim Assessment.


2、  论文中期报告完成后需提交如下材料:博士研究生论文工作中期考核表1份,中期考核专家论证意见书3份,秘书记录,对专家意见的书面答复。

Materials below need to submit to Office 0618 after report, onecopy of ‘Interim Assessment of Doctoral Dissertation’, three copies of ‘Experts’Opinion on Interim Report’, the record of the secretary, the reply of the experts’opinions in written form(no standard format)with your supervisor’s signature,


请在此处下载相关文件(Pleasedownload required documents here:

Interim Assessment of Doctoral Dissertation

Experts’ Opinion on Interim Report

Graduate Education Center