Executive Development Program (Shortened as "EDP") 

In the 21st century in China, the modern education is urgent. Themanagement education in western China is lag behind, and the talented manageris in great shortage. These become a bottleneck of economic development ofwestern China. Thus, the institution of Executive Education of the School ofEconomics and Management was founded in 2001, intending to cultivating thetalented manager and offering help for knowledge update for talents.

The institution of Executive Education made severalof tailored programs for companies based on their needs and the programs developedfrom simplified to diversified ones. The successful CEO training programs hasset up a communication platform for the managers, and this also becomes a brandof our school.Our institution has managed business administration trainingclasses since 1997, and there are around 100 batches of executive educationtraining classes so far. We are rich experienced in training and management,and our developed courses, qualified teachers, first-class service, favorableoperating conditions and active attitude won great reputation.

These years, our school built up strategic relationship with Chinese University of Hong Kong, Taiwan Chiao Tung University,Taiwan Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. And the cooperationin MBA education and faculty development with many well-known universities inUSA, Britain, Japan, Australia and other countries accelerate theinternationalization in academic education and management training. Theinstitution of Executive Education in our school would contribute to societywith superior teaching, first-class management and service.