1. The David Eccles School of Business, theUniversity of Utah: Master Programs 

Both the Finance and IS programs follow a “1+1” format. Students must satisfactorilycomplete two prerequisite classes, a capstone class and a “businesscommunications + case-based learning” class during their first year (includingsummer) in the program that coincides with their senior year of undergraduatestudies. Students spend the second year at the University of Utah. 


2. ICN Business School Nancy-Metz:  Master programs

This is an exchange program that students from both universities could participatein and then get a degree.

Master students from SWJTU will obtain a Master Degree from ICN (Master in Managementor Master of Science in International Business Development or Master in Design and Luxury Management) and a Master from SWJTU

Master students from ICN will obtain a Master of Engineering/Master of Economics/Master of Management or MBA from SWJTU and a Master from ICN.