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2013 SEM Alumni Summit Held


2013 SEM Alumni Summit, hosted by SEM andco-sponsored by alumni enterprises Floraland, ChengduCapricorn Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Chengdu Yilian Investment Co.,Ltd., was held at International Conference Hall, JiuliCampus. Xu Fei, President of Southwest Jiaotong University(“SWJTU”),Guan Qing, general manager of ChinaState Construction and Li Houqiang, party secretary of Sichuan Academy ofSocial Sciences, attended the meeting. The theme of the summit is “BuildingAlumni Platform, Achieving Alumni Career, andBoosting SEM Development.”


In the summit, Xu Fei made a keynote speech on “CentennialSouthwest Jiaotong University, Go Forth to Progress". On behalf of theUniversity, he showed a warm welcome to participants and introduced the recent SWJTUdevelopments, reiterating that SWJTU positions itself to a high-level researchuniversity with “coordinated development of multi- disciplines characteristicof transportation” and that boosting talents and internationalization progressare extremely urgent. Economics and management, especially finance, industrialeconomy and regional economy, plays a strategic role in SWJTU’s constructionand development when China has become the world's second largest economy. Inthe end, Xu summarized SEM alumni work, saying that an elite universitynurtures not only first-class scholars and students but first-class alumni.


Then, Guan Qing, our outstanding alumni and general manager of China ConstructionCorporation, made a speech on “Exploration andApplication of Professionalism and Internationalization’s Role in CorporateDevelopment”. In this speech, Guan regarded history as a factor deciding whatthe enterprise is and strategy determining what it will be. Thus, based on thepresent situation of China’s construction industry, only the strategy inprofessionalism and internationalization can lead to a brighter future.

Nearthe end of the summit, HUANG Dengshi, SEM executive vice president, made a keynote speech on “Building Alumni Platform,Achieving Alumni Career, and Boosting SEM Development.”In the speech, Huang summarized the recent work and progress, stressed SEMmission and vision, and hoped that alumni would come back alma mater for avisit.