Founded in 1896, Southwest JiaotongUniversity (SWJTU) is one of the oldest established universities in China. As anational key university, SWJTU is one of the top universities in teaching andresearch.

 The School of Economics andManagement was founded in 1984. We have Doctoral programs in Management Scienceand Engineering and Business Administration. In addition, we have Masterdegree programs in Applied Economics and management, an MBA programand an EMBA program. To adapt to the rapid development of our school and the developmentof applied economics and finance discipline, we are recruiting chairmen for theDepartments of Applied Economics and Finance.

 1. Candidate Qualifications

 (1) Applicants should have outstanding academic impact with ahigh reputation in his/her research field. A Ph.D. degree and professor titleis required except in the following cases: applicants hold a) outstandingacademic achievements; b) strong social impact; c) a tenured associate professortitle in a well-known foreign university.

 (2) Applicants should have a good understanding of teaching andacademic frontiers of finance and applied economics accordingly, and have richexperience of management as well as strong ability of organization and coordination.Overseas academic experience is preferred.

 (3) Applicants should have a good personalitytrait, professional ethics, conscious of innovation and teamwork spirit. Andapplicants should have a good physical condition with the age under 50 (thisrequirement could be flexible if the candidate is exceptionally excellent).

 (4) It is a full-time on-site job, andapplicants are encouraged to bring their research team to our school (thequalifications and salaries for the team members could be determined later).


 2. Position Statement and Job Objectives

 (1) Assist the dean to develop the faculty team

 (2) Organize the teachers to carry out cutting edge research in financeand applied economics

 (3) Assist the dean to develop the disciplines of finance andapplied economics accordingly, and to improve and innovate the teaching.

 (4) Assist the dean to implement a strategy to make thedepartment more international.


 3. Term of Employment

 The first contract term is 4 years and it is renewable.


4. Salary and Benefit

 Successful applicants would be offered competitive package that wouldmatch the applicants’ academic achievements and position responsibility. Thedetailed salary and benefit would be discussed face to face.


5. Recruiting Process

 (1). Applicants should submit the soft copies of the following materials via email:

 (A) Curriculum Vita

 (B) Copies of ID card (or Passport), certification of educationbackground and the degrees, certificate of professional qualifications, certificateof award and honors, and any evidencesof your current job position. (The originals are required during the interview.)

 (C) Copies of research papers and publications and teachingresults during the past five years.

 (D) A statement of work experience in an administrativefunction, any contributions in professional fields and management.

 (E) Other statements that the applicants want to declare and yourexpectations, such as the working conditions and living conditions.

 (F) Working plans and objectives

 (2). Qualifications evaluation



6. Contacts:

 Contact Person:GengLihui

E-mail: glihui@home.swjtu.edu.cn

 Tel:+86-28-87634018, 87600822

 No.111, North Erhuan Road, Chengdu , Sichuan, China, School ofEconomics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University

 Postalcode: 610031


Schoolof Economics and Management

 SouthwestJiaotong University

 Mar 10th, 2014